Testimonials for Factory Direct Trailers

Greg Hemmis


October 12, 2018

We made an emergency stop as we were passing through towing our camper. They took the time to jack it up, remove the wheel, and check the bearings, and reinstall the dust cap. Huge peace of mind, and VERY affordable price. A big thanks to them!

Ebon B

Huge selection of trailers and accessories with friendly knowledgeable and experienced employee’s who greet you by 1st name at the door!

Lance Eddy


October 12, 2018

I love this place and highly recommend them. Their products are superior to the big box stores and their prices are very reasonable. They also will take the time to help with your specific needs.

Ryan Hellems


October 12, 2018

Great services, very knowledgeable and helpful crew. These guys know how to fix anything, or do any project.

Stephen Galante


October 12, 2018

Great owner. Great prices on quality professional trailers and service.

Tony Carlo


October 12, 2018

The best experience I have had in a long time buying anything substantial. Excellent service, price and above all honesty.

David Hyde


October 12, 2018

Great place for trailer service. Beautiful trailers for sale as well

Carmen J. Scoppa II


October 12, 2018

Great selection of parts and excellent service.

Thomas Wyatt


February 7, 2020

Great wonderful employees. This is my 2nd trailer I purchased and will not go no where else. They ‘re well knowledge in their business, not to mention they couldn’t ask for a better greeter. Thank you all. Also they hooked me up with a great graphic designer, 1 stop shop for me.

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